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Commercial EV Charging Solutions

Commercial AC and DC Charging Solutions

Conneely Energy has focused on smaller DC chargers as not every commercial premises has the necessary power supply and charging infrastructure for larger DC chargers of 50kW and above. The 30kW DC charger allows the user to charge cars four times faster than a 7kW AC charger. We believe that 30 kW DC chargers are ideal for smaller hotels, car show rooms and work places. 

Commercial DC Charging Speeds

There is a vast difference in the speed between how fast AC and DC charging stations can fill your battery, and in how they do so.

AC chargers offer a steady flow of electricity which brings the battery up to 100% charge at a constant, if slower pace.

DC charging stations will offer a far more rapid flow of power at first, but this slows down as the battery approaches capacity. 

This is why most rapid charging stations will speak about how quickly they can reach 80% capacity, as the charge slows to a trickle after this point.

Below are the AC and DC chargers we provide.

Difference between AC and DC Power 

AC (Alternating Current) 

AC electricity regularly changes direction many times a second, which is the kind of power that comes from the power plant to homes and businesses. It is the most common form of electrical power used in residential and commercial settings. AC charging is the most common charging method for EVs with a plug whereby the power gets converted from AC to DC inside the vehicle. 

DC (Direct Current) 

DC electricity maintains a constant flow in one direction and is the type of power that comes from a battery. In DC charging, power is converted from AC to DC in the charger itself, before entering your vehicle. This allows for much faster charging and is the charger method used in our Fast/Rapid and High Power chargers. 

Charger Type 

Charge Time 

Battery Level 

7kW AC Charger 

6 – 8 hours 


22kW AC Charger 

4 – 6 hours 


50kW DC Charger 

~30 mins 


≥ 150kW DC Charger 

~5 – 10 mins 


Why a Fast 30kW DC Charger can be better that a 100kW Rapid Charger for workplace and destination charging?

The suitability of a 30 kW DC charger versus a 100 kW rapid charger depends on several factors. In some situations, a 30kW DC charger may be better than a 100 kW rapid charger. Here are some reasons why this might be the case: