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Home EV Charging Solutions

At Conneely Energy we provide AC smart chargers for home EV charging due to their practicality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. AC chargers are ideal for residential settings as they use the alternating current (AC) readily available in home electrical systems. 

This makes installation simpler and more affordable compared to DC chargers, which require direct current (DC) and typically involve more complex and costly infrastructure. AC smart chargers offer intelligent features such as load balancing, remote monitoring, and scheduled charging, allowing you to manage your energy use efficiently and integrate seamlessly with your household appliances. 

These chargers provide reliable, safe, and efficient charging for your electric vehicle, making them the perfect choice for home use.

EV Home Charger Grant

Our chargers qualify for the SEAI grant of €300.

Types of EV home chargers we provide:

We offer two exceptional AC smart chargers for home EV charging: the Timxon 7kW AC Smart Charger and the ZBeny 7kW AC Smart Charger. We carefully selected these models for their reliability, advanced features, and efficiency. Both chargers are equipped with intelligent load balancing and remote monitoring capabilities, making them ideal for managing household energy use effectively. 

The Timxon 7kW charger provides robust performance with user-friendly features, while the ZBeny 7kW charger offers comparable power output with enhanced smart functionalities. Our choice of these chargers ensures that you receive a high-quality, future-proof solution that meets the diverse needs of modern EV owners, all while qualifying for the SEAI grant of €300.